Creative energy

Rouge Cobalt, expert to build your capital brand.

Design and creation

It all starts with your objectives.

We touch, smell, hear, see and make experiences.We begin from strategy to a lasting impression.

Stop waiting for things to happen, go on and make them happen.

Engineering and project managing

Creative design is well but make it alive is best. We match all technical developments of the project. We work with solid works and we manage production with different suppliers.

The magical day is the presentation of prototype, the concept comes alive.


After many development  for differents clients, we produce our self product range like benches, range of interactive games, fresh boxes, etc.

We manage little productions for other designers.

About us.

Rouge Cobalt,

design agency since 2007.

The company is born with the brands which needs to be different inside the retail. Rouge cobalt involve and bring solutions for more value to the customer path. In 2012 we diversify our offer with new department specialized for new playground concept.

They trust us.

Catherine KARAM,

founder of Rouge Cobalt.

After study in design, she gets experience during 13 years  in merchandising department working with the bigger brands like Renault, Mercedes or Coca-Cola. With the change of the purchasing power, the marketing tools change and keep the customer in the shop become a challenge. For Catherine KARAM, it’s the amazing opportunity to put her creative capacity to explore new way and new experience to define brand and the relationship of the customer to the brand.

Challenge, innovation, build a team of specialists and her mission: stop waiting for things to happen, go on and make them happen.